Quality of Life

The City of Burwell is a small community that offers a high quality of life for residents of all ages. From an excellent kindergarten thru 12th-grade school system to a vibrant senior citizen center. The Burwell community has much to offer its residents and visitors from near and far.

The Burwell community has over 160 locally owned and operated businesses. Businesses include many restaurants, grocery store, hardware store, western clothing store, pharmacy, two medical clinics, a nursing home facility, two physical therapy clinics, two chiropractors, three banks and many other locally owned and operated businesses.

The economic base of the Burwell community is predominately agriculture with a large number of people making a living from farm and ranch based jobs. Burwell is home of the Burwell Livestock Market which is one of the largest cattle auctions in the Sandhills. To complement the community’s sale barn the community has two veterinary clinics and many businesses that provide feed, agriculture services, and trucking services that haul livestock and hay.