Longhorn Lanes located directly off of Highway 91 and 11 is a eight (8) lane bowling alley that offers women’s, men’s and couples bowling leagues. Open bowling is available all day Saturday, with evening leagues Monday through Friday. For additional information call 308-346-4483.

Movie Theatre

Located in Burwell’s downtown business district is the Rodeo Theatre. At the Rodeo Theatre movie watching is enjoyed year-around on Friday and Saturday (8:00 pm), and Sunday and Monday (7:00 pm). For additional information on the Rodeo Theatre call 308-346-4556, or visit the Rodeo Theatre website.

Garfield County Historical Museum

The Garfield County Historical Society was originally organized in March of 1965 with the intent of establishing a museum for the county. In 1969 a generous donor bought the building that housed Dr. Cram’s Hospital and donated it to the historical society. When donated to the historical society the building underwent a desperate repair and cleaning. On July 9, 1972 the Garfield County Historical Museum was dedicated and opened to the public.

Today, a visit to the museum is a walk through Garfield County’s history. Rooms included in the museum include a library, surgery room, Cowboy/Indian room, tool room, military room, parlor, bedroom, country school room, etc. Kids love to see the memorable two headed calf.

Hours: Vary by season

Contact any of the following:
Tony Larsen: 308-346-4786 OR 402-217-2000
Marilyn Mattley: 308-346-5007
Margie Gumb: 308-346-4580
Marge Beat: 308-346-5107
Donna Garwood: 308-348-2214